As I mentioned before, hubby and I volunteer at our local SPCA.  A few years ago, our friend Jim (from the boating photos) was interested in adopting a cat.  So, we encouraged him to come to the SPCA’s Adopt-A-Thon to see if there were any cute cats that might engage his interest.  The great thing about that day was we were both there helping and when Jim came in, we were able to bring him any cat he wanted to see (and be able to play with them ourselves!).  It took a while to find Jim just the right kitty, but we finally found the one in Farley – a tan and orange tabby.

After our boating expedition the other week, we headed back to Jim’s place for some BBQing.  While we were there, I grabbed some photos of Mr. Farley.  He’s a tad skittish, so it was an adventure trying to get some good ones.  He’s really a sweet little thing, but does get frightened easily.  These are just a few of the adorable photos I was able to capture of our favorite orange and tan tabby.  🙂

Isn't he just a handsome fellow?

I believe he was trying ignore the fact that I was sitting 6 inches in front of him. LOL!

His coloring is just so pretty. And his eyes! So expressive.

I love this one! He just seems so curious here. And I have to admit, I'm a sucker for cute kitty noses.


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