Harrisburg Gallery Walk

Today was the big day!  My second exhibit with the Harrisburg Camera Club during 22nd Annual Harrisburg Gallery Walk.   Over 20 organizations opened their doors to the public.  The Harrisburg Camera Club enjoyed the invitation by the City of Harrisburg to display both their Photography for Kids work, as well as the adult club member’s work.

Sadly, today’s weather was not as beautiful as it was yesterday.  But, with that being said, lots of people came out to see the work!  As an artist, it was fabulous to see people come in and look at all the work that the members submitted.  I had a couple compliments on my submission, which felt wonderful.  It nice to hear others thoughts on your work, what they like, what they don’t like.  Makes you see things from a different angle.

I know you couldn’t make it, so I took a few photos of the day.  Enjoy!

My photo is displayed on this wall. This wall faces the front door as you walked into City Hall. The HCC had 20 submissions from the adult members.

The Photography for Kids exhibit. There were 40 images from the kids program. They were AMAZING! Such talent by the kids in the club. Glad the adult photographs didn't compete with the kids. 🙂 I will say, the kid's photo that I liked best came in Best of Show. I have good taste. LOL!

Close-up of my image on the display boards. Ironically, the last exhibit I participated in had my artwork next to this image. I had some lovely compliments on this piece, which made me very happy. Thank you to all who voted on which image to submit!! It was a good choice!


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