Hubby and I have volunteered for the local SPCA for several years now.  It started out with going to the PetSmart where we cleaned out cages…and played with the kitties!  We also chatted with people who came by to encourage adoption of the cats there.  Their stories can be sad and some make us angry, but we always enjoy hanging around them, learning their personalities, then trying to match them with their forever home.

Shortly after we started volunteering, we came across this tiny little tortie.  She was sweet, small, and tentative.  She hesitated to come out of her cage, but once she was out she would curl up on either of our laps and just purr.  We started falling in love with this miniature cat, who by all accounts was approximately a year and a half.  Her sad story went like this:  her owners had multiple cats and determined they couldn’t care for all of them.  They decided to take one cat to the SPCA and Elizabeth was the one they decided to take.  When the SPCA received her, she was pregnant with kittens, which is why we assume they chose to get rid of her.  It broke our heart as she was the sweetest thing there, just very loving and just wanting attention, which we were happy to provide for her.

We spent several weeks going to the PetSmart and each week she was still in her cage.  Eventually, we started talking about adopting her.  And eventually, we gave in, decided Higgy and Pooka could adapt, and signed the paperwork to bring her home.  She had some issues when she arrived – ear mites and an upper respiratory infection, but with a little bit of antibiotics, she was fine.  At her first vet appointment, she weighed a shocking 6 pounds.  Yes, 6 pounds.  She just stole our hearts with her adorableness (yes, it’s a word!) and loving attitude.  Anyone need kitty kisses?  She’s your girl.

And here you go.  Miss Elizabeth the kitten.

This is Elizabeth's favorite place to lie. If you move her, she growls at you.

She looks mean in this one. Our joke is she's the cat from the t-shirt that says, "Cute little kitten thinks of nothing but murder all day."

Beautiful eyes. She has some of the most gorgeous coloring.

She can lie pretty much anywhere. Just like a cat.

Stop doing that! You know how kids start to get tired of the camera? Well, so do my cats. LOL!

She's taking after her mommy. That's a Holga camera she's got herself curled up with. Good taste, my kitten.


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