Hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend!  We enjoyed our weekend.  🙂
Saturday, we headed out to a local lake with a friend to go boating.  We had tried to go out before, but we had to postpone due to unforeseen circumstances.  When our friend asked if wanted to go out this past Saturday, we said of course!  Who doesn’t like to go out on a boat?  Well, alright, I’m sure people who get seasick do not like to go out on boats, but that’s not the case with us.  It was a beautiful day, though a little chillier than we had hoped.  Initially we thought we would go in the water, but it was a tad too cool for that, so we just zipped around on the boat.  Enjoy some boating pictures from Saturday.

A view of the lake and land as we headed out on the lake. Beautiful, isn't it?

While we thought it was a tad too chilly to be in the water, others obviously did not. They seemed to be having fun.

Our captain! Thanks for taking us out!

The lake and the sky. It was such a pretty day.

This pretty little church was just off the lake. So picturesque.


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