Is the most adorable, fluffy black and white kitty.  He’s a sweet bundle of love that just brings a smile to your face.  He loves everyone.  Truly he does.  He would tell you where the gold was buried if we had any gold and he could speak English.  He’s a happy-go-lucky cat who is completely secure in his catness and knows that he really is loved.  He takes everything in stride and is just down right hysterical at times.  What cat purposely lies on his back with his tummy in the air for tummy rubs?  He LOVES them!  And no, not in the, pet my tummy so I can attack your hand kind of way.  He loves them in the I’m going to lie here and purr and keep rolling around so you can rub my entire tummy kind of way.

Because of all this, Pooka is the most expensive cat in the world.  Now, in reality, there may be more expensive cats out there, but in our world, he’s the most expensive.  You think antidepressants for a cat is bad?  How about bladder stones?  Pooka has had bladder stones that almost killed him.  And he’s had the surgery to remove them and for the rest of his life (which will be many, many, many, many years), he will be on special canned and dry food to keep his ph balance in check.  If that’s not enough, my fluffy friend was diagnosed with diabetes and had daily insulin shots.  Poor thing.  Though to be honest, he never seemed to mind.  We would put him on the counter and he would just purr as we gave his shot to him.  Strange little creature… Anyway…he luckily has gone into remission and is no longer taking daily insulin shots.  He’s half way to being considered “cured.”  Two more sugar level checks and he’ll be diabetes free for a year.

Now, without further ado, I give you Pooka!

Ignoring me. They have gotten a little tired of seeing me with the camera.

Contemplating the snowy world outside his window. He's not allowed outside, so this is the closest he gets.

He's a black kitty, but the undercurrent of color in his fur is brown. He's still a black kitty to me!

Pooka has many nicknames. One of which is Fang. There are many a day I think I should have named him that!

No, he doesn't really have a blue hue to him. I was playing with the flash and this is how the photo turned out. I think he looks good in blue.


2 comments on “Pooka

  1. BrianS says:

    Pooka is an awesome and very photogenic friend. He is also very soft. He’s the most expensive cat in the world, but he is worth every penny.

    I think he’s also very brave in his own floppy way. I’ll never forget when I brought him home from surgery and he was still pretty out of it due to anesthesia. He crawled out of the cat carrier, took two wobbly steps, and fell over. Worried, I went over and found that he was purring.

    Great photos of a great cat!

  2. Cats are still evil, but Pooka is so cute…..from afar (for me at least!) I think I feel a sneeze coming on!

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