It’s all about learning, in my opinion.  You can’t sit still.  There is so much this world can offer, I just can’t imagine ever just letting it pass by.

I have this great magazine that I subscribe to called PhotoPlus.  I love it!  It gives lots of great reviews, tips, photo criticisms, and all sorts of wonderful hints.  It also comes with a computer disc with tutorials on various techniques to make you more proficient in your editing or composition or what have you.  I received a disc the other month that explained antiquing a modern photograph.  I’ve been wanting to watch the tutorial and try it myself.  I love how old photos look and I was keen on learning how to get that look in my photos.

So, this afternoon, I grabbed a photo I took of the Pennsylvania State Capital and tried it.  Took me a little while to get the whole technique, but I think my first attempt at this form of editing turned out pretty darn good.  What do you think?  I’ll be trying this on a few other photos as well, so check in to see what else I can make look old.


One comment on “Learning

  1. Looks good. Can’t wait to see more pics!

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