Over the weekend, hubby and I headed to New Jersey to help celebrate my Grandmom’s 85th birthday. Sadly, with carrying in the gift and snacks we brought, I forgot to grab the camera. 😦 I’m very upset by this. The party was a lot of fun and Grandmom had a nice time. I brought chocolate covered potato chips and pretzels. At the end of the day, all the chips were gone and just a few pretzels were left. Amazing!

After the party, we texted our friend MR to see if she wanted to go to dinner or on an adventure. She chose adventure! So, we picked her up and headed to Atlantic City! It was a great night! The weather was beautiful, everything was open (in comparison to hubby and my anniversary trips in Dec,), we had a great meal and not so great gambling. Some pictures of our Atlantic City adventure!

The waterfall at Wild Wild West. This casino is the closest one to a Las Vegas theme. It's cheesy, but we like it.

The prospector and his donkey at Wild Wild West. I'm not sure if he EVER gets anything.

We hit the boardwalk and right into Sugar. It's a candy lover's dream! See those chocolate covered Twinkees? We bought one and split it. Tasty. But, you can't really taste the cream center.

A picture of Sugar. The elephant is Lucy, a replica of the original in Margate, NJ. This Lucy is made of over 1,000,000 jelly beans!

We found an observation deck off the boardwalk and checked out the sunset over the casinos. It was really spectacular, don't you think?

It was such a wonderful night that our friend danced on the beach! How could you not though? Being at the Jersey shore is just FUN!


3 comments on “Adventure!

  1. Picked up your site via google the other day and absolutely love it. Continue this fantastic work.

  2. higpoo says:

    LOL! I know! But, I only ate 1/3 of it. And it wasn’t as tasty as you would imagine. I saved you TONS of calories in research. LOL!

  3. how can you post pictures of chocolate covered Twinkees when we both just quite WW????? Bad friend! Don’t you know that you are supposed to ship one of those to northern NJ??? I hear Twinkies will last forever! I’m sure that goes for the chocolate covered ones, too! ;o)

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