Artwork in the dinning room

Remember the lovely wagon picture that was the first image I ever entered into a photo exhibit? Well, it didn’t sell (sadly), but that’s o.k. We decided if it didn’t sell, we would hang it in the dinning room. There was a space on one wall that hasn’t had anything on it in the six years we’ve lived here. I had grand ideas of cross-stitching a flower for the space and framing it, along with the photo that I used for the pattern. Didn’t happen. When the wagon image was selected, we realized the colors would match just fine.

I love the idea that we decorate our house with a lot of photographs that are ours. We currently have three images in a hallway at the back of the house from New Orleans, Jamaica, and Clearwater Beach. We have three images in our upstairs bathroom from Jamaica and Clearwater Beach. To me, showing off photos from places we’ve visited is so much better than buying random works at a box store. So, remember that next time you go on vacation. Take some great images of the city, country, beach, whatever, then enlarge them and hang them on your walls. You not only will always remember your trip, but others will comment on where the photos were taken. 🙂

Before and after photos of the dinning room!

Before hanging it on the wall, just leaning against the wall.

The dinning room pre-picture hanging. Can you see where it will go?

Hanging on the wall! So happy there's something on that area now! I keep looking at the wall. I walk specifically into the dinning room JUST to see this.

The finally (after 6 years) finished dinning room! Isn't it pretty?


3 comments on “Artwork in the dinning room

  1. Gail says:

    What a beautiful photo!

  2. higpoo says:

    Thanks! I really like this picture and it looks so nice in the dinning room.

  3. christina says:

    looks great!!

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