Las Vegas

As I move closer and closer to doing this photography thing for real, I decided to educate myself.  And what better way to educated yourself than going back to school.  So, I enrolled in Skip’s Summer School in Las Vegas last week and got a WORLD of education!  Yes, it was a hardship having to go to school in Las Vegas, I admit.  Sometimes you just have to roll with where the opportunities take you.  Thank you to Skip Cohen who made Skip’s Summer School possible, as well as all the magnificent presenters who came to speak.  I walked away with so much from each and every one of them!

Of course, while in Vegas I took the camera along to document Sin City.  I have been there before, but there’s always something new to see and do.  Last time we were there, the City Center was being built there was no Palazzo at the Venetian.  So, we hit up both!  I will tell you that First at the Palazzo is a great restaurant.  We really enjoyed it.  If you’re out that way, check it out.  The Grand Buffet at MGM is tasty for breakfast.  If you go up the Eiffel Tower, do it at night and wait until the Bellagio light show starts.  If you want any more tips, let me know!  I’ve been there a few times.  🙂

Without further ado, here is what you’ve all been waiting for!  Pictures from Las Vegas!

The City Center from our hotel room. It's pretty impressive.

Tower 2 at The Signature Hotel. We stayed in Tower 1, but our tower looked pretty much the same as this one.

The sky our first day. I have a weird compulsion to take photographs of the sky when I'm away.

This is a window display for Louis Vuitton. I liked it's originality as it echoed the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Sugar. A lovely candy store that I promised to check out for a friend. This one is in the Miracle Mile shoppes. It was so fun! I finally found white chocolate covered gummy bears. Yum!

Oh I drooled over these. Yes, I did. They looked so delicious. Alas, I did not purchase one. Maybe next time...

My friend had me checking out Sugar in Las Vegas because some of their stores let you make your own candy bar. This one did not, but she wanted to try pop rocks in her chocolate bar. So, I took this picture. Plus, I liked the colors.

The color did me in on this one! I'm not a big lollipop person, but these just looked so cute! And it reminded me of little children in the summer.

Beautiful, isn't it? This is one of the ceilings in the Bellagio as we made our way to the gelato stand. I love the hot air balloons. Where I'm from in NJ, there's a hot air balloon festival every year and I just love seeing them in the sky. I would love to go up in one some day.

Nice hallway, isn't it? Vegas is great for this type of stuff. They do such a fantastic job of making everything look special. I guess that's why so many people go every year, it's always such a feast for the eyes!

The Bellagio has a seasonal display off their lobby. Last year it had hot air balloons (makes sense why there are hot air balloons on the other side of the casino!). I loved the colors on this mushroom...that was WAY taller than me!

The Las Vegas strip from the Eiffel Tower. Isn't it grand? All those colors and people? It really is a wonder to behold.

The Las Vegas strip from the Eiffel Tower looking the other way. It's so pretty, even if it is garish. What's neat is from the air you can see the city where normal people live and then it goes've hit the mountains. It's like the city just stops. There really is nothing like Las Vegas.


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