We spent Saturday through Wednesday in Paris, with a side trip to Versailles.  Versailles was something I wanted to do.  I’m a big history geek and when looking at all the stuff to do in Paris, Versailles kept coming up as a must do.  Well, I remember the Treaty in Versailles that ended WWI,  laying of course the ground work for WWII, so I said to hubby, “we should go to Versailles when we’re in Paris.”  He said, “ok.”  And yes, we talk like this.  So, we decided to go, though we didn’t buy tickets ahead of time.  Mistake #1.  Seriously.  If you plan on going to Versailles, there’s this thing called the internet.  Get on it and order your tickets ahead of time.  It will save the 2 hour wait we had.  Now, to make it worse, I had sprained my ankle the day before and couldn’t really stand in line, so being the best hubby that he is, he waited in the 2 hour line in the hot sun…like no shade anywhere and 90 degree temps.  Yea.  Bad.  But, he did it and we went to Versailles.

There is nothing to compare it to.  Honestly.  Even if you’ve been to other places in Europe, there is nothing to compare it to.  I’d love to compare it to the Vatican museum, but I think it’s even more opulent than that.  I’ve been to Casa Loma in Toronto and it’s more opulent than that.  It is draw dropping amazing.  It is “I can’t believe people lived like this and considered it normal.”  Honestly, as we walked through the rooms, we could see why the people of France revolted against the monarchy.  But, it is truly incredible to see.  These are just some of the photos we took that day.  Oh, and if you do go, another tip, give yourself PLENTY of time to see it all.  Oh, and don’t be cheap.  The little trolley is 11 euros from the main palace to the Grand and Petite Trianon.  It seems like a scam (after the close to 40 euro ticket price), but at the end of the day when you’re exhausted and sore, that little trolley seems like the best idea ever!  Learn from our mistakes.

Our first view of Versailles. You come out of the train station and follow the crowd. It is a few blocks away, but not a bad walk as it is tree-lined.

This was the sky. It was a gorgeous day. Hot. 90 degrees hot. So not prepared for it.

The entry courtyard for Versailles. It was was everything there.

The line to get tickets was crazy! Hubby waited in this line for two hours in the scorching heat. He let me sit in the shade while he wound his way through this. He rocks!

One of the two buildings that flank the courtyard as you enter. They are just so hard to comprehend.

No, this is not a large spider on the ceiling, it is the chandelier in the foray of the ticket building. I thought it was pretty cool.

One of the first rooms you come to as you enter Versailles. It's a chapel. Yup. Chapel.

Door. The doors were fantastic. I wish we had more of these doors in the States.

Ceiling art. I now want to paint all my ceilings. How cool would that be? Anyway...all the ceilings in Versailles were painted. Beautiful.

The City of Versailles from the Palace. The view was incredible.

The chandeliers...crazy! If I had taller ceilings I would put lots of them in my house.

The most incredible room in the entire palace - the Hall of Mirrors. This is where the treaty that ended WWI was signed. Though, there was no mention of it on the signs.

Walls in the Hall of Mirrors. Sometimes words cannot describe what you see.

The King's bed. This room is right behind the Hall of Mirrors and all the courtiers would watch him go to bed. It seemed kinda creepy to me.

Hubby and I in the Hall of Mirrors. You do what you have to so you can have a photo of yourselves on vacation. 🙂

The gardens behind Versailles. Beautiful. Wish our yard looked this nice.

Statue in front of the fountain. There were two large rectangular fountains behind the palace with statues on the sides. We were tempted to climb in the fountains because it was so hot out. We restrained ourselves.

This smaller fountain is to the left of the two large retangular ones. We felt we stood a chance of sneaking in this one. LOL! It also was a popular one with the tourists as it took forever to get a photo and even this one has someone in it.

Versailles from the back. It is massive. And you don't even see the chapel in this photograph, that's to the left.

This statue/fountain is in the middle of the gardens. From here, you can walk to the Grand Trianon, where Marie Antionette had her private residence. To reach the end of this fountain/man-made lake would take you about an hour. And don't forget the hour back!

The hallway between the two sections of the Grand Trianon. I was fascinated by this. I don't know why...

This room made me happy. I am not a huge yellow person, but I just loved it. It was so pretty and happy. I would like a room like this.

This room reminded us of the Hall of Mirrors. It was a lot less crowded, but the feel was the same.

I have a thing for chandeliers and staircases. I love how this looks. I wish I had one of these at home.

Behind the Petite Trianon. Isn't this pretty? My yard does not look like this. I wish it did.

Behind the Petite Trianon is this cute little Bavarian village. It's back behind the Petite Trianon and so worth the walk. The guides say not to miss it (even though most people do) and I 100% agree! So worth it!!

Artistic photo of the Bavarian Village house. So many photo opps here.

Good bye Versailles! It was an experience I will remember forever.


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