Skip’s Summer School

Wow.  Just wow.  I spent the last four days in Las Vegas learning an amazing amount of stuff at Skip’s Summer School.  It was an impressive list of presenters, fantastic vendors, and lots of networking.  It was almost more than this newbie could handle…but I managed.  🙂

I learned TONS!  I feel so much more confident with this.  I now KNOW I can do this.  I am confident that I can make this work.  I’ve got some great ideas for my business and a great photo project I want to get started on.  So excited for both now.
So, it’s official.  If you’re interested in have your photos taken, let me know!  I’ve got lots of availability and I’m really psyched to get started!  Email me at christina_m_stetler at yahoo dot com.

Oh!  And don’t forget, I’ll be posting photos from Paris and London in the next few days from our vacation in May and I’ll throw up some shots from Vegas this past week.  Gotta have some eye candy around.  😉


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