I realized (after a wonderful photographer in her own right mentioned it) that I never put photos of my fantabulous European vacation here.  That seems awfully strange, doesn’t it?  Then I thought about it.  I put them on Facebook, I designed a photo album, upload a bunch to Wal-Mart for prints, and shared some on a message board I participate in.  How silly that I forgot the ONE thing I do that is strictly photography based!  So, without further ado, here are some shots from Rome – the first stop on our tour.  And for those who’ve seen photos from Rome before, these (hopefully) are different than the ones I’ve posted elsewhere.  I should be able to do that, I took over 3,000 pictures!

American cow - we saw this cow our first evening just after getting off the train. I had to take his picture!

Fountain at the Piazza del Popolo. The object to the left is an oblisk. This oblisk and fountain are in the center of the Piazza. The following day was a day celebrating the policia of Roma.

Gelato Store. We did not partake at this particular one, but they are everywhere in Rome. The one we did stop in? Delicious! My Jamaican Chocolate Rum gelato was amazing!

The main architectural building in the Piazza del Nuovo. Our tour guide told us it's history. Sadly, I don't remember anymore...

The famous Tiber River flowing through Rome.

The floor of the Forum. This place was amazing. The history jumps out at you. I just kept thinking how crazy it was that I was walking the same paths as Julius Cesaer.

The floor of the Senate building. Isn't it beautiful? I was floored (sorry!) when I saw it.

The Colosseum. This blew me away. As hard as it was to believe I was at the Forum, walking into the Colosseum was even MORE mind blowing. The sense of history is overwhelming.

The floor of the Colosseum today. I found out that the month after we visited, that the area you see here was opened to the public. Argh.

This was the train station we used to get around Rome during our stay. The first day our tour guide led us. The second day we had to do it on our own. Thank heavens our stop was just the next one down the line!

The final day in Rome found us heading to the Vatican. Thankfully we were with a tour and got in the tour group line. These are the walls that separate Rome from the Vatican. The walls are 25 feet thick. Yup, 25 feet.

Our first view of St. Peter's Bascillica. We visited the Sistine Chapel first, then off to see the Basilica.

Inside St. Peter's Bascilica. Breath taking.

More St. Peter's Basilica. It was so different than any church I had ever seen. Though, our tour guide said it is very hard to feel spiritual in it because of all the tourists. And he was right! As we walked the Basilica, there was a service being conducted. How they could concentrate is beyond me.

A fountain in St. Peter's Square. I would have loved to go down there, but sadly it was pouring when we came out of the Basilica. Rain was such a theme of the trip. It also rained our first night as we toured Rome at night.

The countryside from the tour bus. The scenery was gorgeous throughout the trip. I have tons of photos out the bus windows. This photo is the landscape between Rome and Florence.


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