After two days in Rome, we headed off to Florence.  We had been told that we would love Florence.  In our original plans, Florence wasn’t even a destination.  When we went with the tour, it became the longest stop in Italy.  We arrived in Florence Monday mid-afternoon.  Our hotel was TINY.  Much smaller and less impressive than Rome, which initially was a tad disappointing.  Then we realized how close we were to EVERYTHING.  It was just the best place to be in the city.  And yes, we loved it.  The hubby is ready to move there…and I can’t say I’d argue all that much!

Our room door knob. No swipe card here. And we went through two keys because we couldn't get the darn thing to work! Oh and if you loose your key? 50 Euros (about $75).

Cosimo Medici in the Piazza dei Signora. It was our meeting place throughout our stay in Florence. Very imposing.

I am sure people have seen this one before, but I still like it. It's an artistic shot.

This arch was built during the time of Napolean. The Florentines do not like this piazza as it does not go with the rest of the Renaissance architecture. We liked it.

Top of the Cathedral attached to the Duomo. The colors on the church and Duomo were amazingly beautiful. Not at all what I expected.

This door is inside the Cathedral. I was addicted to doors in Europe. I wish we had beautiful doors like this here. Of course, the hubby said many of the doors I drooled over were there before there WAS a United States. Picky, picky.

A view of Florence as we climbed the 423 steps to the top of the Duomo. It was AMAZING! It was totally worth doing and worth the 8 Euros.

Drool...Would you believe we didn't go into the store? What were we thinking????

Carousel in the Piazza dei Republica. Saw this the first day and swore I would ride it. I did not. Guess I have to go back!

Beautiful architecture in San Gimignano in Tuscany. It is a walled medievel village. I could have gotten lost in this little village for days. Sadly, we only had about 2 hours.

Vineyard in Tuscany. We had a fantastic wine tasting in the Tuscan countryside and from the gift shop, this was the view. We did not buy any wine, but if you can, the wine here was delicious!


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