I’m a Jersey girl, in case you didn’t know.  I grew up about 20 minutes south of Philly and I’m a Jersey girl who LOVES Philadelphia.  And before you ask, I absolutely LOATHE Jersey Shore.  But, that really has nothing to do with today’s post.  Today’s post has all to do with Philly and my trip there this weekend to check out the Ancient Rome and America exhibit at the Constitution Center (which, if you haven’t been, SHAME ON YOU!  Get your butt there!).  Here are some photos from Saturday, though sadly, no photos of Ancient Rome and America as there was no photography permitted.

Benjamin Franklin Bridge from the parking garage

The sky through two old buildings - The Bourse and the Lafayette Building

The Philadelphia Phanatic - only the BEST mascot for the BEST baseball team, the Phillies

Phillies LOVE. Yes.

Independence Hall from the Constitution Center

A carriage horse. He roots for the Phightin' Phils. You should too.

Independence Hall - yes, THAT Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed

The Second Bank of the United States - apparently, you can tour it. It's never open when we're there though...

City Tavern - THE best restaurant in the city. It's not the original City Tavern from the 1700s, that one burned several times. This one is a recreation. Still awesome.

The bar at the City Tavern. This is where Shrub comes from. It is worth googling.

National Mechanics Bar - so cool! And they have cider.

The bench for our table at National Mechanics, which started off as a bank in the 1800s.

Drinks at City Tavern from President Washington, President Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton

We had a hurricane glass with a candle on our table. The flame.

Franklin Fountain - awesome old-fashion ice cream in Old City. Rocky Road Rocks!


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