Little Yellow Neon

Once upon a time in a land far away lived a young woman who wanted a car.  She owned a car at the time, but knew she would get more in trade-in for it than she owed, so she decided she wanted to trade it in.  Our heroine isn’t a car person.  She basically wanted a car that looked good and would get her from point A to point B.  She knew she would be purchasing another Neon (her current carriage was one and that was all that was in her budget), but what color to purchase?  The Neon she owned was silver, so that was out.  Then she started seeing a new color, a bright color, a fun color…orange.  She had it!  A brand new orange Neon.  She was pleased…until she learned that the Neon did not come in orange.  The young woman was angry and sad.  This was the first car she would be able to purchase where she decided what she wanted rather than take what the dealership had and they thwarted her.  They offered red.  No.  They offered gold.  No.  They offered white.  No.  They offered black.  No.  Then she saw it.  On the magical internet, her new Neon came in yellow, bright solar yellow.  And she knew she had found her color.  She ordered her bright and shiny new Neon in yellow and over the years fell in love.

Fast forward the story nine years this July and our story has the beginning of a sad ending.  The little yellow Neon, who had served the young woman faithfully (after being smashed several times by others who could not control their own carriages), broke.  Now, the young woman is not well-versed in car issues, but sufficed to say, something went wonky with the transmission and the repair bill was estimated to be more than the loyal little Neon was worth.  After some deliberation, the Neon was able to be repaired for a fraction of the original estimate, but the young woman realized that the Neon’s days were over.  So, the young woman has determined in two months time, a new chariot will be purchased, and the sweet, bright, loyal Neon will be traded-in.  But, before that, she took her magical image box outside to capture memories of her most adored little carriage…

The carriage


2 comments on “Little Yellow Neon

  1. higpoo says:

    That’s funny about the Auto Loan Refinance! And I didn’t know I had ads on here…hmmm…

  2. Crystal says:

    I am laughing at that post. and especially the google ad that follows it- Auto Loan Refinance! LOL

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