Photo Walk 2010

I learned about the Scott Kelby Third Annual Photo Walk 2010 a few weeks ago and wanted to go.  But, I realized I had made plans with a friend last month and promised NOT to schedule anything else.  So, I emailed said friend to find out when we were getting together and they didn’t have a strong preference if we went out in the morning or afternoon, so I said afternoon and signed up for the Photo Walk.  And I’m so glad I did!  I had an absolutely fun time!  I will say though, high 80s are not ideal temperatures for a Photo Walk in the city.  It was HOT!  I met some great people, had a chance to photograph the City of Harrisburg (which I kept saying I was going to do), and had a lot of fun doing it.   Here are some of the best shots (as well as the originals) of the day.  I’m already looking forward to the Scott Kelby Fourth Annual Photo Walk!

Original Harrisburg Capital

Edited Harrisburg Capital

This was one of the very first photos taken on Saturday.  At the beginning of the walk, the skies didn’t bode so well for us.  Our walk leader even said he had some rain drops when we got out of his car Saturday morning.  I will say, the rain did not come.  Though, it might have been welcome!

Original Corner of Harrisburg Capital

Edited Corner of Harrisburg Capital

On either side of the main entrance to the Harrisburg Capital building are these two sets of sculptures.  I liked the angle of this photo when I took it, but when I saw it on the computer screen, I wasn’t too sure.  Then I played with it.  Once I turned it into a black and white photo (which is not generally my thing), I really liked this one.  It reminds me of the 1930s.

Original American Eagle

Edited American Eagle

I LOVE how this turned out!  It went from a kinda boring photo (alright, not so much kinda, it was a boring photo) to one that has life.  It is one of my favorite shots of the day!

Original Bridge of the Susquehanna River

Edited Bridge over the Susquehanna River

This is such a beautiful bridge linking Harrisburg and City Island.  It’s a car bridge, unlike the steel bridge just a few feet away that’s strictly a pedestrian bridge.  I personally like this one better.  Shh…I like the stone and the lights.  I’m a sucker for that kinda thing!

Those are just a few of the 275 photos I took on Saturday.  If you wish to see more, let me know.  I don’t want to bore with lots of photos.  Though this is a photo blog… 😉


2 comments on “Photo Walk 2010

  1. higpoo says:

    Thanks! I like it too. 🙂 I now want to go back at sunset/dark and do some of the same shots at night.

  2. Nicole says:

    I like the Edited Bridge over the Susquehanna River. Nic pic with beautiful coloring!

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