Local Contest

York Revolution 4th of July

I read the Sunday paper.  No other day of the week, but I enjoy the Sunday edition.  I clip coupons, read the magazine, and read through most sections of the paper (I skip the Viewpoints page.  Shhh…).  This past Sunday, our local paper had a small notice of a photography contest:

We’re counting on local photographers to capture summer scenes for the 2010 York Daily Record/Sunday News

Summer Photo contest.  You’ll help create a community photo album, and you might even win a gift

certificate.  York Daily Record/Sunday News Photographers will select their top three.

So, I entered with the above photograph.  The weekend of July 4th, we had tickets to the local Atlantic League baseball team, the York Revolution.  For the 4th of July game I took the big camera and the fish eye.  I took a few photos, then played with the fun lens.  This one turned out pretty good, in my opinion.  And to me, nothing says summer more than baseball!

What do you think?  What says summer to you?


One comment on “Local Contest

  1. Brian says:

    Burning meat on the grill!

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