Photo Exhibit

I am a member of the Harrisburg Camera Club and had the opportunity to exhibit a photo through the club this summer.  I decided to take advantage of this opportunity and display a photograph from our vacation in May.  Last month, many of you voted on which photo to submit and I am happy to say, it is hanging currently in the Middletown Area Arts Collective.

Sunday was the grand opening of the exhibit.  Seventeen photos were submitted and hung on the walls of the MAAC.  I had never been to the MAAC before, though I spent two years in Middletown going to classes at Penn State Harrisburg for my MA.  I was impressed by the MAAC and enjoyed checking out not only the photography submitted through the HCC, but the other works on display.

I am really excited that my photograph is on display and in my unbiased opinion, it holds it’s own against the other members of the club.  Several times I saw people closely examining my photograph.  I was very pleased at the response it garnered both by other club members and visitors.  I can’t say whether someone will purchase it or not, but I am happy with how it all turned out and thrilled to say I have had my photography exhibited.

Here’s a couple photos of my work hanging at the MAAC.

Check out the exhibit if you're in the area. I promise you, you won't regret it!

All framed and hanging on the wall.

My neighbor. I was pleased to see it is a photograph of a waterfall at Bushkill Falls, a great PA destination!


One comment on “Photo Exhibit

  1. Nicole M. says:

    Who knew that I was friends with a famous ARTIST?! Congrats!

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