While there are many people who check out my little photo blog, there may be some people who just happened upon it.  If that’s the case, I have three cats – Higgenbaffum (Higgy), Pooka, and Elizabeth (Lizzie).  I take WAY too many photos of them.  They do such silly things that it’s hard NOT to get the camera out and take photos of them.  So hence today’s photos.  We have a toy that’s kinda like a small blue tire with open sides and a yellow ball in it.  The tabby (Higgy) likes to play with it.  Randomly though.  And generally when he thinks you aren’t paying attention.  Heehee!  Here are some silly photos of the tabby playing with his toy.

An arial view of the Tabby and his toy.

Would you PLEASE stop.


LOVE this one!

Blurry, I know, but check out that tongue!


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