Lightening Bugs

Every evening I look out my window and see black.   Then I see little specks of light flickering in the trees and bushes surrounding my house.  For the past week, I have wanted to photography my little flashlights in the trees and last night I finally went out to try.  The success rate for what I was trying to accomplish is not high, but there are some nice shots.  Which I will share with you.  I may try again with different settings and such.  The yard is just so magical at night in the summer.

The moon through the trees in my front yard. It was a hazy night.

My drive way. Believe it or not, it was pitch black to the naked eye when I took this.

The trees are a tad blurry, but you can see the little bits of light. The nice lightening bugs that make the yard so magical on summer evernings.


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