Welcome to my new home!

A couple years ago I started a blog on another blogger forum (which shall remain nameless, but sounds a tad like the 1980s video game Frogger).  All was going well until about a year ago when I wanted to change my template to something more me.  Then it all went downhill.  Things weren’t looking the way I wanted them to and I couldn’t get them to fix it and I sure couldn’t fix it, so I stopped using it.  Occasionally, I would visit and try to fix it, to no avail.  And finally, today, I just got fed up and decided it was time to jump ship.

So, this is my new personal photography home.  It still needs a little work, but when you move into a new home/apartment, don’t they all?  Bare with me as I work out the kinks, but I think this place will suit me just fine.  And there shall be more posts…with lots of pictures…which is the whole point of this blog, so I suppose I shouldn’t use that as candy to get you to come back.  🙂

So, thank you to my friends who starting out at the place that shall remain nameless and hopefully welcome to some new friends who will come along for the journey!  I’m going to posting again shortly with an interactive post.  I need YOUR help to determine an image to submit to an exhibit.  Stay tuned, it’s coming up next!


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